RioVida Gluten-Free Bakery Edmonton


To our valued customers: We will be offering great Specials weekly, because we want to give back some special prices to show that your business is really appreciated at Rio Vida Gluten Free Bakery.

We are very happy to offer or new line of ready to bake frozen dough or our delicious dry mixes like:

Puffy Pastry dough
Pate Sucre, great slightly sweet french pastry dough
Frozen Pie Crust Dough, vegan or with eggs
Cookie dough, three flavours, all vegan
Frozen dough ball for pizza crust
Perogies frozen dough

Vegan Mixes | Chocolate or Vanilla | Pancakes or Waffles

All dry mixes are No Sugar Added and Vegan, but also can be made with eggs and dairy. It is all up to your allergies restrictions, so you can choose how to bake with your choice of ingredients.

You will love it! Here are some examples of our products:

Please call us if you have any questions at (780) 444-3344 from 11 to 4 pm from Tuesday to Saturday, 12 to 3 pm Sunday, or (780) 902-7593.

Email us at


Hay River 2018 Arctic Winter Games

Rio Vida GF Bakery was very proud to be the Gluten Free caters of the participants of the 2018 Arctic winter Games of North West territory for the town of Hay River.

We were so proud to offer gluten free meals and baking goods for the celiac and allergies sensitive participants of the Games. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity!


Rio Vida Gluten Free Delivery

We can arrange deliveries within city limits. Contact us for more information.