RioVida Gluten-Free Bakery Edmonton

sample5Welcome to Rio Vida Gluten-Free, the bakery serving gluten free and vegan selections in the Edmonton area. We offer baked goods such as cookies, cupcakes, pastries, breads, pizza crust, and more! Visit our location to see what we do, or call to place an order for your special event or catering needs. We love special orders!

All products are gluten free, and we specialize in vegan gluten free products! 

About the Gluten Free Diet

Rio Vida will open

Friday, November 10 at 12pm,

and will open

Saturday, November 11 at 11am as usual.

Please note our normal November hours: 

Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 4pm


Rio Vida Gluten Free Catering

If you need gluten free or vegan gluten free personal size pizzas or finger treats (savoury or sweet), please call us for more details.  Menu options include vegan or regular gluten free options, great for private or professional meetings, all in delicious finger treats!

Pick up in the bakery, or arrange for delivery at an additional charge.

I am away until next Friday, October 23.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


We have been featured on The Food Network! puts us in the top ten gluten free bakeries in Canada. They say:

Gluten-free bakeries are popping up all across Canada, and these treats are beyond tasty — even if you’re not on a gluten-free diet. Read More!

Thank you for the wonderful compliment! It is so wonderful for Rio Vida and other gluten-free bakeries across Canada to be recognized for their hard work and excellent service. Congratulations to all the top ten gluten free bakeries, and ALL small gluten free bakeries across Canada!  We are all part of the gluten-free family, and we share the same vision. Well done!


 Great for School Lunches and Special School Treats!

Since we can work with you to support allergy and dietary restrictions, our baked goods are ideal for school lunches and special events at school! If your child’s classroom has a dietary restriction, such as nuts or eggs, you can now provide a delicious alternative that is tasty and safe.


Thank you for your support!

At Rio Vida, we feel a strong responsibility to help support the community, and in particular, anyone in need. If you can, don’t forget to donate to someone in need.  When you donate your time and gestures of sharing and kindness, you help someone in ways you might not even see.  You’ll feel good as well, because acts of kindness have a way of finding their way back to you!  Choose your cause, choose your way, and make a difference in someone’s life.